5 places to see near Bucharest

Eager to escape the noise of my hometown, I chose an itinerary for a day trip away from Bucharest. So, here are some of the places I enjoy visiting every now and then:

  1. The Barefooted Carmelite Priests Monastery in Snagov is a place with lots of peace and is an example of modern architecture. The interior of the church looks like a ship with arched wood. The mosaic inside is one of the brightest, more beautiful than in many churches in Ravenna where it is believed to be the most exquisite. The windows of the monastery have creative stained glass as if they were painted in sand. From the garden next to the church, one can buy plants growed by monks. More details about this place can be found here. Location: 
  2. Since we are in Snagov, we can also visit the Snagov Monastery, which is on the island. It seems that Vlad the Impaler is burried here. There are indicators guiding to this place. Location:: 
  3. Buftea is very easy to reach from Snagov, it is only 33 km. You can visit the Stirbei Palace built in 1864; it includes a large park, the water tower whose architect was Anghel Saligny and the Chapel of Ştirbei. There is also an equestrian club on the location. The official program of the palace is Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 12-12, but it is opened on occasions, if there are events. Location:: 
  4. From Buftea, we take the road towards Potlogi Palace, a recently renovated compound of which I wrote here. The garden, the wine cellar, the interior of the palace were refurbished, keeping the Brâncoveanu style characteristics. Inside there are many objects from the time of the ruler, and in the adjoining courtyard the church can be seen. The entry costs 10 lei, the program is 9-17 (summer) and 8-16 (winter). Location:: 
  5. On the way home we can stop in Pitaru village, the birthplace of the impressionist painter Nicolae Grigorescu on May 15, 1838. In a new space built by the City Hall, resembling a mansion, there are copies and original paintings by Grigorescu, Theodor Aman and Camil Ressu, all of them impressionist and pre-impressionist painters. The paintings belonged to a private collection which was donated. The program is from Wednesday to Sunday, from 9-17. At the moment of writing this post, the entrance is free. More details can be found on the Facebook page. Location:   

What other nice places did you find near Bucharest?

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