Thailand (1) – Bangkok in 3 days

It took me a few years and a lot of persuasion from my friends to get to the other side of the world: Thailand. The trip itself was intimidating, but also the fact that, I knew – it was mandatory to spend at least two weeks (the equivalent of two European holidays for me, both in money and in time) to get a taste of local culture. And as I’ve always been the fan of a week of vacation at every quarter, it has been hard for me to change that. Meanwhile, I became an Asia fan and … Continue reading “Thailand (1) – Bangkok in 3 days”

7 unknown beaches close to Vama Veche

After a long time being first on my list – Vama Veche – it came a time when the desire to explore around it made me find some magical places close to the border. I’ve discovered special places, wild beaches on the coast, very close to the border with Bulgaria.

Regarding the accommodation, there are several options: stay in Vama Veche, and have day trips to Bulgaria, book a place in Bulgaria, where you can find fully equipped apartments on Booking or stay at tent or van. I chose the Booking option and found the ideal place in…  Continue reading “7 unknown beaches close to Vama Veche”

5 days in Rome


Whenever one looks for reasons to get out of the daily routine, the city of Rome offers centuries of beauty, carved splendors and Mediterranean sunshine.

The routes I made for these 5 days target major landmarks for art history, being grouped in areas of Rome (neighborhoods) and designed for a 4-5 day mini-holiday.

The most important mean of transport is… Continue reading “5 days in Rome”

What to see in Valencia in 7 days

If I were to choose a place to move without blinking – that would be Valencia with its surroundings. In this corner of the world I found a gentle climate, with 24-26 degrees in October, the beach within a stroll, a city full of history, rich in cultural events and one of the most beautiful architecture.

During the flight you have time to read and dream about the sea and this coast town with a modern architecture, but also classical medieval or Art Nouveau style buildings.

The city’s infrastructure makes you forget about the car and I would not recommend it because parking in the city center is difficult. By the way, the train station in Valencia is a work of art, it must be visited. Below I will present the main tourist attractions of the citadel:

  • In Plaza del Ayuntamiento you can visit the town hall (Ayuntamiento) and Correos, the post office building located across the street. Mo-Fr, 10-15. Free entrance.
  • Mercado de colon (market), Church of Santo Juanes & Llotja de la Seda (former stock exchange). Mo-Fr, 09:30 – 19, Sa-Su, 09: 30-15. Ticket price: 2 €. Free entrance on Sunday.

Continue reading “What to see in Valencia in 7 days”

How to visit Madrid for free


Saying you visited Spain’s capital in a few days is like someone offering you a cake and inviting you to eat it with a spoon instead of a teaspoon that would help you more to enjoy it. There are so many beautiful places to enjoy here, you almost don’t know where to go first. Although I left Madrid at a side, preferring coastal cities like Barcelona, ​​Valencia or the islands – the architecture, culture, cleanliness and the atmosphere of the city won me over. An approximate budget for an extended weekend of 3-4 nights can be …  Continue reading “How to visit Madrid for free”

Travelling on Prahova Valley – Sinaia Museum

The Sinaia Museum is located within the Ştirbei Palace, which was the holiday residence of General Emanuel Florescu and Alina (Alexandrina) Stirbei.

The Palace was built between 1874 and 1875 by the Dutch architect Josef Jacob Schieffleers at the request of Barbu Bibescu-Ştirbei’s daughter. Thus, the imposing villa becomes the oldest civilian construction of the city, after the first villa built in Sinaia – Dimitrie Ghica, was demolished to make room for … Continue reading “Travelling on Prahova Valley – Sinaia Museum”

Less known places in Sinaia, Romania

I’ve lost counting on the times I’ve visited Sinaia, from childhood till now, by car or train, accompanied or alone. This time, I saw the city with the eyes of the first-time traveller in this old city of Prahova Valley as I learned that the name “Sinaia” comes from Mount Sinai, given by Cantacuzino – to the city.

Through a documentary book written by architect Dan Manea, I rediscovered the sweetness of the past century of the most beautiful villas and castles of Sinaia. Therefore I visited and liked: Continue reading “Less known places in Sinaia, Romania”