Places & beaches near Vama Veche (II)

During my last trip to the Black Sea, I discovered some fine places and beaches, which I want to share with you, following the article about 7 unknown beaches near Vama Veche

  1. When we returned from Bolata beach, we stopped for dinner at the Snail Farm Restaurant which turned out to be a wonderful surprise. Although I am not a fan of snails, I went out of pure curiosity and found a quiet place in the courtyard of a family house. The vegetables served at the table grow just behind the restaurant area. The atmosphere is welcoming, of a family business, there are many corners lovely decorated, and the food is a mix between a French restaurant and the comfort of a meal at home. The owner often walked among the tables to place candles, serve or adjust different things.

    I liked the attention for details – the decorations in the bathroom, the candle brought to our table when the sun hid away, the flowers everywhere. Everything is decorated with the motif of the snail, so one shouldn’t forget the place. The 8 tables have a large view over the farm with its boxes that house the little delicacies.

    I ate the best caprese salad ever (haha). The tomatoes had been picked up right then from the garden, and when I ordered bread, we were given a crispy French baguette, sprinkled with plenty of olive oil, butter and flavored herbs. I also tasted snails, I didn’t have a comparison term, but they were tasty.

    The wine house was good, the service unbeatable, and a visit would require a reservation as the number of meals is limited. The restaurant is open between 16-22, or 12-22, on weekends. Telephone reservations: +359 0897 965896, +359 0899 441344.

    Location: Balgarevo village – from the national road, as you come from customs turn left before Kavarna.      

  2. The rocks of Tyulenovo can be found at around 40 kilometers away from customs; Tyulenovo is a place that resembles an ocean coast – rocky cliffs border the shore and make the landscape a unique place. You can drink or eat at the seaside restaurant, and the rocky walk should not be missed! I left the car in front of the cliff bar and the walk to the rocks took about 5 minutes. It would be advisable to have some proper footwear. The brave can jump off the cliffs into the sea water.

    Location: From the national road coming from Vama Veche, take left towards Shabla and follow the road until you reach Tyulenovo Bar & Restaurant.  

  3. The beach near Camping Dobrudja. We were here upon accident and we liked it. I didn’t find the name of the beach. It is populated, it also has a lounge area, and it also has a huge free area. There are restaurants and places where you can buy things.

    Location: The beach is near Shabla village, from the national road follow the sign for Shabla and go on for another 10 minutes.  

  4. Zelenka Beach Wanting to find a secluded place with no hustle, we explored the coastal area of ​​our Bulgarian neighbors until we reached Zelenka Beach. It is on the road to Cape Kaliakra. It reminded me of the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, in Nice or Croatia, due to the pebbles and the color of the water. It would be advisable to come with folding chairs or loungers because the pebbles are not very comfortable. Also, get some water, food and what you need because the neighbors are just fishermen.                                                                                      Location: From the national road follow the sign for Balgarevo – as you come from Vama Veche, turn left towards Cape Kaliakra. After leaving Balgarevo, the road to the beach turns right.  
  5. Balchik Palace From the beginning of the 20th century until 1940, the piece of land which includes Balchik belonged to Romania. Once called the “quiet nest”, the Palace was preferred during the summer by Queen Mary of Romania. The Balchik Palace has a beautiful garden of 16 acres and the actual house, consisting of several rooms: the entrance to the palace is through a hall that opens into a reception room, and on the base floor there is an open living room, with a niche which hides the queen’s bed, a Turkish-style bathroom, the balcony and two more rooms.

    The domain of the castle includes besides the beautiful Botanical Garden, several buildings and villas, The Sighs Bridge, the chapel Stella Maris, the restaurant where Queen Maria served the meal and which is open today. The garden was designed by an English landscape architect, and those who maintain it today do a great job because one can admire the care for flowers at each step.

    After visiting the palace, you can take a walk on the promenade to the port. There are plenty of restaurants to eat or have a coffee and if you have the swimsuits with you, you can swim in the sea.

    Price: The ticket is mandatory for both attractions – garden and palace. You can also pay in lei at a rate of 2.5 lei / 1 leva, and the official price is: the garden – 7 levas / adult and 2 levas / child, the palace – 5 levas / adult and 1 leva / child. You can leave the car in the parking lot and the cost is 2 levas / hour.

    Program: 08.00-20: 00 (summer); 08.30-05.00 (winter).

    Location: Located 70 km from Vama Veche, Balchik is easy to find, GPS location is here:  

    ATTENTION: Remember, when entering Bulgaria you need to buy a vignette, which costs 10 levas for a weekend or 15 levas for 7 days;  it can also be purchased online here.

    What other beautiful places have you discovered?

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