A hidden museum in Bucharest: Vasile Grigore

Even though I was born and raised in Bucharest,  I am glad to discover places and hidden Bucharest museums every now and then. Looking for something online, I got lost on the Internet and I found a few words in an article about the Vasile Grigore Museum in Bucharest. I decided to visit it and I it was such a nice surprise.

Located in the heart of the city, near Gradina Icoanei’s – Maria Rosetti Street -, the museum is housed on the first floor of a building designed by the architect Iulian Nămescu. My host was Mrs. Geta who told me how much Vasile Grigore was loved by his students, and how much he wanted his art collection to be housed properly and not in his small three-room apartment.

The donation of the collection was made in 2003, but the museum did not open until 25.04.2004. The master’s wish was to open the museum during his lifetime (1935 – 2012), donating to the state all the objects in his modest apartment on Titulescu Boulevard, including the chandeliers decorated with zoomorphic motifs. Painter and collector, Vasile Grigore has been an arts professor all his life. In his youth, Vasile Grigore was preparing for a career as a musician, and he would take an exam at the Conservatory. While spending a lot of time in a close friend’s painting studio, Vasile Grigore tries sketches, paintings in which his talent is recognized by painter Ciucurencu, who convinces him to give an exam at the Art Institute; the future collector accepts the challenge, withdrawing his dossier at Conservatory and being accepted at the Art Institute. After years of being his teacher, Alexandru Ciucurencu will become his close friend, forming alongside Vasile Grigore and Corneliu Baba a triangle of friendship based on the love of art.

In this museum I felt the passion, the love for art and beauty, as well as in the Zambaccian House, of which I wrote here: Free entry to Zambaccian Museum.

Vasile Grigore started his collection with painted eggs and 2 icons. Over time, the two categories have gained significant proportions and can be admired in the museum. Corneliu Baba is present with an impressive collection of paintings. Vasile Grigore was a music lover, therefore a large collection of vinyls are here.

Since you’re in the area, you can also visit Schitul Darvari, an old monastery. Location: 3, Schitul Dârvari street or follow Google maps.

On the last Wednesday of the month, the entrance is free of charge.

Address: 29, Maria Rosetti street, District 2, Bucharest.

Program: Wednesday – Sunday, 09-17.

Ticket price: 5 lei / person (approx. 1 Euro/person).