Karpathia Horse Show 2019: September 27-29 at Florești

Karpathia Horse Show will welcome the masters in the art of riding and dressage, riders and horses, the referees from many countries who will travel to Romania to participate in the Concours Complet International (CCI). The CCI has 3 tests which are met by the competitors: dressage, obstacles and cross-country.

Karpathia Horse Show will be hosted between September 27-29 in Florești, Prahova county, on the Cantacuzino Estate which is close to Ploiesti, approximately 1 hour from Bucharest.

The program of the event opens Friday, September 27, at 13:00, with the dressage session. Saturday, September 28, at 11 o’clock the second day of competition will open with the spectacular Cross-country race, and the afternoon will feature the amazing harness race. In parallel, there will be a trial of horse maneuverability – Working equitation, on the secondary arena. Sunday, September 29, starting at 11:30, there will be a 2-horse trailer race. Also on Sunday there is a jumping event.

Apart from the riding competition, children and adults can enjoy a lot of activities: bike rental, archery or firearm, zip line crossing, bungee riding. You can bring your own food, but you will also find at Florești good snacks for a picnic.

The children will be able to see the world from a horse’s back, because for 3 days, the Western Dream club will offer horseback riding in a special area, between 10-18.

The presale ticket offer (until 25.09.2019) includes a free ticket for 3 purchased tickets. The price of a ticket is 35 lei / adult and 25 lei / child. On the day of the competition, the ticket price will be 45 lei / adult and 35 lei / child. Tickets can be ordered online here.

For accommodation in the area, follow the link below:



More details and images from previous editions can be watched on http://www.karpatiahorse.ro or on the official Facebook and Instagram page.

Don’t miss this special event! I hope to see you at Karpathia Horse Show 2019!




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