Karpathia Horse Show 2019: September 27-29 at Florești

Karpathia Horse Show will welcome the masters in the art of riding and dressage, riders and horses, the referees from many countries who will travel to Romania to participate in the Concours Complet International (CCI). The CCI has 3 tests which are met by the competitors: dressage, obstacles and cross-country.

Karpathia Horse Show will be hosted between September 27-29 in Florești, Prahova county, on the Cantacuzino Estate which is close to Ploiesti, approximately 1 hour from Bucharest. Continue reading “Karpathia Horse Show 2019: September 27-29 at Florești”

Baiadera at the National Opera

After an awful flu, this ballet was my first evening out after a long while. This show is different regarding the story, the costumes, the place where the action takes place, it seems so much different than the classical European works like The Swan Lake, Giselle, and so on. Just before the ballet started, I thought about how little of the Asian culture reaches Europe.

Continue reading “Baiadera at the National Opera”

Where to admire the Royal Crown of Romania

The story of the Royal Crown of Romania takes us back to 1881. The government then proposed that it should be grandiose, but King Carol I wanted simplicity and sobriety. On April 19th 1881, the King sent a letter to his father, to which Karl Anton de Hohenzollern Sigmaringen responded with a well-reasoned memoir on how the coronation ceremony and crowns should be, given the establishment of a young and unconventional monarchy in Romania. Continue reading “Where to admire the Royal Crown of Romania”

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