Karpathia Horse Show 2019: September 27-29 at Florești

Karpathia Horse Show will welcome the masters in the art of riding and dressage, riders and horses, the referees from many countries who will travel to Romania to participate in the Concours Complet International (CCI). The CCI has 3 tests which are met by the competitors: dressage, obstacles and cross-country.

Karpathia Horse Show will be hosted between September 27-29 in Florești, Prahova county, on the Cantacuzino Estate which is close to Ploiesti, approximately 1 hour from Bucharest. Continue reading “Karpathia Horse Show 2019: September 27-29 at Florești”

Horse competition at Floresti between 1.06-3.06

Horse competition
The second edition of Karpatia Pony Show is back! Just in time for International Children’s Day, in a new extended format for three days. During 1st – 3rd of June, on the Cantacuzino Domain in Floresti, Prahova county, the event will take place for all nature and beauty lovers, as well as horse fans and families with children who will have the opportunity to attend competitions, games and presentations with ponies and horses or will enjoy the many outdoor activities. Each year I try not to miss it as such horse events aren’t very often and it is very well organized. Not to say that Cantacuzino Domain holds centuries of history and stories. The sports program will include three equestrian competitions:

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